Lose that Stubborn Weight for good with this Personalized Diet and Body Fat Reduction Plan

Have you longed for definition in your abs always chasing the elite goal of a 6-pack, but never quite getting there?  Or do you just want to heal your body from the aches and pains of aging?

With The NEXT Level training program, you can pick from 3 proven tracks to reach your goals, the right way! 

626 Track:  On the six weeks to a six pack track, you will work to decrease body fat while building lean muscle and sculpting the abs to show that defined mid section.  No starvation diets here!  Through proper food choices, supplementation, portion control and nutrient timing you will do this the healthy way!

Healing Track:  On this track, nutrition and the quality of your food is the key.  Your workouts may be as simple as a long walk or a meditation session, as the goal will be to nourish your mind and body to assist in the natural healing process.

Weight Loss Track:  If weight loss is your goal, we have a track for you, too!  Through careful food selection and workouts selected to burn calories, we will help you shed some serious pounds in just 6 weeks.  This track is best for anyone hoping for a six pack, but with more than 10 pounds to lose.

Train with American Boot Camp founder and award winning personal trainer, Mari Geier. Begin with a detailed orientation including weigh in, body fat baseline, measurements and pictures. Learn about how clean eating, food tracking and journaling will help you reach your goals faster.

Then dig in for a personalized workout plan.  Depending on your track this could include intense Kettlebell and TRX Suspension Training workouts in a small group setting.  Stay on track with weekly nutritional consults, weigh ins and body fat measurement, plus tips along the way by weight loss guru and industry expert, Mari Geier.

The only thing you have to determine is…
How Bad Do You Want It?  DECIDE TODAY and take it to The NEXT Level.

Cost: $499 for personalized training plan and diet, nutrition coaching, supplemental workouts, weigh ins, body fat measurement, before & after pictures and daily text support. .

Orientation: TBA with Weigh In and Pictures.  All participants must attend orientation to gather personal information including weight, measurements and before pictures as well as to learn the details of the nutrition program.

Workout schedule is personalized, however group workouts will be available as follows.  Location details will be provided when you register.


Next LIVE session begins Summer 2018