The American Boot Camp Company's Mission

Our mission is to encourage each participant to recognize their current physical and mental capabilities and to teach them how to push beyond to make progress and realize goals.  We do this by building relationships with every client and by knowing each individuals name, their goals and by not letting them quit.  Once a TABCC client, we are here to support you in all of your athletic endeavors for as long as you need. 


Commit to 30 days, tell us your schedule and we will hold you to it. Since 2005, The American Boot Camp Company has been using their accountability based outdoor fitness boot camp program to help make changes in the lives of their members in every Atlanta community location.

Founder, Mari Geier

crazy mariA Note from Mari -

Hey everyone,

It is with a heavy heart, that as of March 1st we will be closing down our Blackburn location. After 14 years training the most amazing people in Atlanta, you, I have finally decided to retire. 2018 was a life changing year for me and because it it, I have grown as an individual and a warrior in this battle we call life. But health challenges have caused me to take pause and reevaluate. Now, I must focus on my own healing and the energy I once gave to so many will now be spent rebuilding from within.

Each of you own a place in my heart. I remember the very first time we met. I remember your first goals and the first time you achieved them. I won’t forget that, so I expect you don’t either. And i expect that you continue to give everything to each workout and to reach beyond your comfort zone. I promise to continue destroying the phrase, “I can’t” in other ways. I hope you will visit me to fill your nutritional gaps and manage your aches and pains at Nuts ‘n Berries and follow me as I introduce a whole new industry to the beginner (cannabis). I am beyond blessed that I have found the “magic” for a second time in my life and for those of you that were around during the magic years of boot camp you know how special and rare that is.

But don’t be sad! The American Boot Camp Company will live on at Chastain Park! Kevin will continue to lead workouts and will be taking over the daily operations and customer interface. We will return to 4 days a week in March and Kevin along with the Chastain crew intend to continue running outdoor boot camp workouts for the foreseeable future.

I leave you with this thought. I will always believe in you. Never be afraid to try something crazy and uncomfortable, Because that is where the magic lives. And remember that the boot camp mantra isn’t just something you said, but something you lived.

20 degrees hot, sideways rain, uphill backwards in the dark, 4 days a week, black shirts by my side. Determination. Belief. Pride. Do you boot camp?

Thank you for spending your mornings with me for so many years. I love you all!



To contact Mari, please email